The close surrounding means nature pure, where you can go on a walk. There are some little lakes with a lot of seldom birds, big stones in the forest and a ruin, where probably Frederik II. settled with his soldiers in the Silesian War.

Our little village has 40 houses und nearly no traffic on the roads. We invite you to horse-riding on our little polish horses.

By car you reach in 20 minutes the health resort Swieradów Zdroj. Modern cable-cars bring you there up the hills for skiing oder walking.

In sumertime you have two big lakes for swimming or going by boat.

Further on you can visit the beautiful city Jelenia Góra, a lot of well-restored castles and the worldwide well-known Boleslawiec with its beautiful blue ceramics.

Góry Izerskie

Jizera Mountains

Jizera Mountains (Czech: Jizerské hory; German: Isergebirge; Polish: Góry Izerskie), or Izera Mountains, are part of the Western Sudetes on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. The major part (on the south) is formed from granite, north part gneisses and mica schists, with some areas formed from basalt. The mountains got their name from the Jizera River, which rises at the southern base of Smrk Mountain (German: Tafelfichte).

The weather conditions are characterized by above-average annual precipitation. On 30 July 1897, the measuring station at Nová Louka recorded a daily precipitation amounting to 345.1 mm (13.6 inches), still an unbroken European record. The Jizera Mountains comprise the sources of the Jizera river, the Kwisa and the Lusatian Neisse.

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gondola w Świeradowie Zdroju

Gondola Lift in Swieradów Zdroj

The station of Świeradów Zdrój Gondola Lift is a must stop for all the winter sports lovers. The company which invested in innovation and fun in this largest skiing attraction of Sudety Zachodnie (Western Sudetes) is Grupa Kapitałowa Zasada, whose top goal was to create a resort distinguished by the highest comfort and newest technology.

It is then no accident that the eight-person gondola lift on Stóg Izerski is the most technologically advanced work of an Austrian company Doppelmayr – the world leader in production of ski lifts and cableway. For the first time our gondola lift opened it gates in 2008, and as it virtually confirmed, it is able to lift up to 2,400 people per hour. Thanks to the solutions implemented by its designers and constructors, it lives up to the highest standards in terms of comfort as to the passenger carriage by means of aerial cableway. Świeradów Zdrój Gondola Lift operates all year round. In the winter season it makes it easier and exciting to perambulate powdered peaks, whereas in summer it makes mountain getaway possible to both hikers and tourists on bikes.

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gondola w Świeradowie Zdroju

Czocha Castle

Czocha Castle (German: Tzschocha, Latin: Caychow) is a defensive castle in the Czocha village (Gmina Lesna), in Lubań County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship (southwestern Poland). The castle is located on the Lake Leśnia, near the Kwisa river, in what is now the Polish part of Upper Lusatia. Czocha castle was built on gneiss rock, and its oldest part is the keep, to which housing structures were later added.

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