The beginnings of our agritourism date back to 1992, when we moved to our property in Gajówka - a charming village in the heart of the Izery Foothills. After completion of the thorough renovation, we had started to desire to share with others the pleasure of being in such a beautiful and peaceful place, simply perfect for conducting the family-run tourism. That is why we had decided to open the doors of our houses for guests and visitors looking for peace and for the direct mountain view.

Our agritourism consists of four people: Petra, Laila, Lilly and Julius, but our family also includes a large crowd of quadrupeds: horses, collie dogs and sheep, which can be seen in the pasture. Laila and Lilly will conduct for you an unforgettable lesson of horse-riding in the enclosure or in the field, and our collies will be very happy to be taken for a walk on a leash around the neighbourhood by your children. Animal lovers will be welcomed friendly with purr of our sociable cat.

Gajówka u Petry Gajówka u Petry

You can do horse riding for 7 eur per hour.

Gajówka u Petry

Igaszka, Jenson, Monty

Gajówka u Petry Gajówka u Petry

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